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Personal Pronouns May 20, 2010

Personal Pronouns:

Practice using personal pronouns:

Personal Pronouns

Replace the words in brackets by the correct personal pronouns. Note that Sue is the person speaking. The (*) means that you are asked a question.

  1. My name is Sue. (Sue)_____ am English. And this is my family.
  2. My mum’s name is Angie. (Angie)________ is from Germany.
  3. Bob is my dad. (My dad)________ is a waiter.
  4. On the left you can see Simon. (Simon)_________ is my brother.
  5. (Sue and Simon)________ are twins.
  6. Our dog is a girl, Judy. (Judy)_________ is two years old.
  7. (Sue, Simon, Angie and Bob) _________live in Canterbury.
  8. (Canterbury) is not far from London.
  9. My grandparents live in London. (My grandparents) _________often come and see us.

Practice a song with personal pronouns:


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