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Simple Present; Daily routine January 24, 2010


Affirmative sentences:

I read books. My brother reads books.
We sing pop songs. She sings pop songs.
I play handball. John plays handball.

Negative sentences:

Always use the auxiliary do/does for negations.

I like computers.
I like computers at all.
My friend likes computers.
My mum like computers at all.


Use the auxiliary do.
Do you play football?
Does he play football?

What do you do everyday?

Now watch the video again but look at the sentences:

Now read the following daily routine:

A day in the life of a teacher

Time Activity
At 5:00 am I get up
At 5:30 am I take a shower
At 6:00 am I have breakfast
At 6: 30 am I go to school/NET
From 7:00 am to 2:00 pm I teach English
At 2:00 pm I come back to my house
At 2:30 pm I eat lunch
At 3:00 pm I read a book
At 3:30 pm I ride my bike
At 4:00 pm I run in the park
At 5:00 pm I listen to music
At 6:00 pm I speak to my girlfriend on the phone
At 7:00 pm I write my lesson plan
At 8:00 pm I drink milk
At 9:00 pm I watch TV
At 9:30 pm I play the guitar
At 10:00 pm I think of my girlfriend
At 10:30 pm I sleep

Practice on line:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2 (Questions)

Exercise 3

Download and print the following document and write down your daily routine.

Daily routine


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