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There is / are May 20, 2010

There are and there is are forms used to express “existence of”.

The structure is:
There + verb to be (is for SINGULAR nouns ; are for PLURAL nouns)

– There is a guitar in my room. (A guitar “exists” in my room)
– There are two chairs in my room. (Two chairs “exist” in my room)

The following chart is the forms of “there is/are” in positive (+), negative (-), and questions (?)



(+) There is a {chair, book, man} There are [some] {chairs, books, men}
(-) There isn’t a {laptop, bathroom} There aren’t [any] {laptops, bathrooms}
(?) Is there a {problem, shirt} Are there [any] {problems, shirts}

Practice with some exercises:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3


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