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Some tips and strategies February 1, 2011

English is easy to learn!!!
English is not only the most useful language in the world. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn and to use:
  • Simple alphabet — no special symbols such as é or ä. Type in sweet, part, film on your computer. Now try süß (German), (Polish), (Russian). Which is easier?
  • Easy plurals — simply add s to a word. One car, five cars; one telephone, two telephones… There are very few exceptions.

Words are easy to learn.

  • In French, it’s la fille and le chien. In German, it’s das Mädchen and der Hund. In English, they’re just a girl and a dog. And that’s all you need to know.
  • Short words. Most of the basic words are short: run, work, big, go, man. Long words are often shortened: sitcom = situational comedy, fridge = refrigerator, OS = operating system. Speaking English saves you time. 🙂
  • Words don’t change. But in many languages, one word has many forms:
    English: The man is blind.German: Der Mann ist blind.
    English: This is a blind man.German: Das ist ein blinder Mann.
    English: I see a blind man.German: Ich sehe einen blinden Mann
  • Call everybody “you”. You can say “Do you speak English?” to your friend or to your teacher. In other languages, you have to use the right word for the right person. In English, everybody is equal. 🙂

English is everywhere. You can easily access English-language television, music, websites, magazines, etc. You don’t have to learn from boring textbooks. You can learn and use your English at the same time. Using your English is especially important because it increases your desire to learn.


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